Sibyl Sophia Floral Design

I'm Sophie Ballmer the owner and lead designer at Sibyl Sophia Floral Design, a studio focused on weddings, workshops, and installation. There is nothing I love more than creating something new with my own two hands and once I discovered the endless inspiration and possibilities of working with flowers, I was hooked.

I love the creative process of working on weddings. Each bride and groom brings new ideas to the table, enabling so much creative possibility. I love the energy, excitement, and culmination of months of work, in a beautiful, love filled wedding.

After years of running my business in Los Angeles, I moved to Des Moines to be closer to family and to be a part of a growing and thriving midwest creative community!



Why Sibyl Sophia Floral Design?

You said your name is Sophie!

My name is Sibyl Sophia, I am named after my amazing grandmother, Sibyl. Growing up, we summered at my grandparents farm and Bed and Breakfast in the mountains of North Carolina.

She grows, dries, and arranges flowers, has a flawless eye for design, and is giving, strong and creative. I am so proud to be named after her, but my parents called me Sophie from day one, what can you do?!