Our First Blog Post: Let's Talk About Flowers

Hey flower lovers! I am so excited to announce that Sibyl Sophia Floral Design now has a blog! I will be sharing design tips, floral DIY's, real weddings and so much more. I hope you enjoy my first post!

I know that when it comes to flowers it can be hard to describe exactly what you are looking for: color, style, shape, aesthetics, and all those flower names! As a florist, I like to send over a couple options, like the ones below, so that we can decide on a final look. Sometimes the bride will say, "number three is great," but more often than not, she will pull a little from each. These examples, with the vocabulary, help us to easily talk about and design a bouquet together.  Let's take a look at three bouquets that are very similar but still different.


Option one is a classic bouquet, generally round in shape and hand-tied with a silk ribbon. It has greenery around  outside, but is mostly made of large-bloom flowers.


Option two is also round, hand-tied and has many of the same blooms as option one. However, it is a larger bouquet with clusters of bright-white smaller flowers filling out the center--this element gives it a lighter color palette and adds texture. It has a lot more light greenery around the outside (silvery eucalyptus and lamb's ear) and vines coming from three sides, giving it a more wild, free look.  


Option three is cascade-shaped, it uses different flowers than the other two bouquets, including lisianthus and dahlias which give the center an airier feel. It still has greenery around the outside, but also has many spire-shaped flowers (veronica, stock and astilbe) added in and hanging down to create the cascade at the bottom.  

I hope you enjoyed our first post, that it was informative and gives you more ways to talk about flowers! Keep coming back as we roll out a new post every week.